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If you are buying, selling or refinancing property in New York State or throughout the Boroughs of New York City, Sabra Sasson can help you.

Sabra takes a hands on approach in representing her clients.

There are many details in a real estate transaction.  So many, “what ifs“.  What if you are purchasing an apartment, how do you know that you received the title to the property that you saw or someone just gave you title to something they do not even own?  What if there is a fire or other damage to the property you are buying or selling?  What if the purchase of the property you intend to purchase is supposed to include built in furniture and it’s “missing” at the time of closing, what do you do?  What if you don’t get the mortgage that you applied for?  What if you get a better offer?

Sabra is a real estate attorney with more than a decade of experience representing buyers and sellers of all types of property including cooperatives, condominiums, cond-ops, new construction, and one-, two- and three-family dwellings, throughout the boroughs of New York as well as Long Island and Westchester. 

Her office is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan across the street from Grand Central and one shuttle ride stop from Times Square.  She takes a proactive approach to representing each of her clients, using her many years of experience and expertise to protect her clients’ interests and get them to the closing table.