This page is updated from time to time as new resources are identified and vetted as useful and informative.  


Walk through guide

Download my walk through sheet which I provide to all of my clients before they conduct their walk through of the property they are purchasing.  This document is valuable to both sellers and purchasers because it details the items that the buyer will be looking at and examining hours before the Closing and the seller will want to go through it him/herself to ensure that the closing goes smoothly and that he/she has met his/her obligations as seller.  Enter your name and email address in the box to the right and you will receive this useful tool.

Mortgage calculator

Calculate your monthly payments here.

Housing Maintenance Code

If you are renting and want to know your rights with regard to a housing condition.  Visit the Housing Maintenance Code here.

Real Estate Websites

Property Shark


New York City Department of Buildings


You can view status of real property taxes, water charges, block and lot information and more at the New York City Service Center.


Housing and Rent Guidelines can be found on the New York City rent guidelines website.


You can find a lot of real estate information on Zillow whether you are a buyer, seller, renter or homeowner.