The Importance of Self-Care When You’re in Transition

Strategies for Body and Mind When You’re Starting or Leaving a Marriage

Do you ever find yourself in pain?  Your body aches in your lower back, your shoulders or other type of discomfort?  And have you ever noticed that this may happen more often during times in your life that are stressful?  When you have a lot going on, or you are preparing for relocation, changing jobs, planning a wedding or getting divorced.

All of these are life events which cause stress and how we deal with stress can lead to different results.  Sometimes it manifests into pain somewhere in the body, other times we are able to “handle” the stress or manage it.

Stress is inevitable.

How does stress affect you?  And, what do you do when you are feeling stressed out?  Do you resist? Do you simply accept it and tell yourself “this too shall pass.” 


I have found myself in different instances, managing stress that I experience in different ways.  Sometimes I feel stress when I have a lot on my plate – a very long “to do” or “action” list.  However, I often find that when I make a list of what needs to be completed, just that very activity makes me feel so much more at ease and that what needs to be completed, is finite, and I can assign dates or times when each item will be completed.

Other times, I find that I just need to get out and burn off some steam. I go to the gym and run on the treadmill, or go for a long bike ride along my favorite path.  And, sometimes just taking some down time and watching a movie or getting my nails done is all that I need.

Recently, I have incorporated massage and acupuncture into my regular routine and I have noticed that this has helped to reduce the stress that I experience in my day-to-day.

 I recently interviewed a colleague, Roberta Mittman, L.Ac., a dedicated alternative health care practitioner and licensed acupuncturist and founder of the Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing.  She spoke to me about the importance of self care and she shared strategies and tips that she recommends.  You can listen to the interview here:


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What types of ways do you manage stress in your life?  Share in the comments below.

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5 Comments to The Importance of Self-Care When You’re in Transition

  • Stress seems to be the root cause of our biggest health issue these days, so that you for providing tips and techniques all can use for much needed self care!

  • I remember oh so well the stress around getting married, wedding planning, combining households (even though it’s been many years!) I didn’t know as much about self-care and stress then as I do know. I’m so much better at recognizing that fight or flight response and knowing that it’s often a result of stress (versus a real physical danger, like a bear)!

  • This is such great advice. People don’t realize their bodies actually need more rest during transition and stress. But, people tend to “push on” and end up getting sick. Holistic treatments are so beneficial to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. And a mani and a pedi always help!! Thanks for the reminder to take a break.

  • I know I don’t handle stress well because I get migraines when the stress begins to life…both physical stress and mental stress. I keep swearing I am going to work on that…I need more prayer and meditation time. Facials and massage sound good too! I am lucky I am in a happy marriage for over 30 years…he is a stress reliever (LOL…well about 90% of the time…the other 10% is stress)! Thanks for an important post.

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