Real Estate: Tips for Buyers in this New Market

Did you notice the change in the real estate marketplace?

You didn’t notice?

Yes, even six months ago, it was a buyer’s market.  But, as things do, particularly in New York, the market changed, nearly overnight.

It is now a seller’s market.

In other words, there is very little inventory and there are many buyers for every property that is listed for sale.  Interest rates for mortgages are still very low and buyers have buying power, but because there is low inventory, purchase prices are increasing.

There are bidding wars.

So, how can you, as a buyer, position yourself as the “winning” buyer or the “winning” bidder?

I interviewed two stellar New York real estate agents and they spoke to me about what buyers can do to really set themselves apart from the pack.  You can hear the interview in the link below.  What you will hear them speak about includes:

What does that mean that buyers need to be more prepared?

How can a buyer prepare?

_____ kills deals

The importance of engaging in a “_________ negotiation”

It is possible to experience gazumping – and you don’t want to!

Importance of having the right team in place


You can listen in to the call with Leonard Gottlieb and Lori Winick if you missed it by clicking “play” below:

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9 Comments to Real Estate: Tips for Buyers in this New Market

  • Great topic! It such a relevant conversation even outside of the real estate arena. When competition is high, you really have to know how to ‘sell’ yourself – even if in this case – where you have to sell your bid…

  • Definitely shifting. An agent commented to me yesterday that even the rental market is thin. Not many properties available for the number of people looking. Great to have the insights of experts!

  • How to position yourself as ‘the winner’ is so interesting for both real estate and business. I feel the parallels and am learning from this, even though I am on the other side of the world from this market.

  • I am surprised to hear this. I think maybe, as usual, the midwest is behind the trend. I think Florida is still a buyer’s market. I would love to lead in this and sell my home…then move to a place that hasn’t seen this change yet:) Thanks for an informative post.

  • Yes – it’s always good to be prepared – whether you are a buyer or seller – or in actually anything in life (even if you are in the market for a new computer).

  • Hi,Nice templates but would be nice for the UK mkrear if you could do some real estate thems using UK type dwellings?Also, how about a worldpay payment as well as paypal system like the one interspire uses?Well done team!

  • Before you make an offer you should check with a Realtor in and auornd that location to obtain a comparative sales analysis for similar homes in that neighborhood then once you are armed with this information you can make offers 10 to 15 percent below without fear of insulting the seller References : Was this answer helpful?

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