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Real Estate: Tips for Buyers in this New Market

Did you notice the change in the real estate marketplace?

You didn’t notice?

Yes, even six months ago, it was a buyer’s market.  But, as things do, particularly in New York, the market changed, nearly overnight.

It is now a seller’s market.

In other words, there is very little inventory and there are many buyers for every property that is listed for sale.  Interest rates for mortgages are still very low and buyers have buying power, but because there is low inventory, purchase prices are increasing.

There are bidding wars.

So, how can you, as a buyer, position yourself as the “winning” buyer or the “winning” bidder?

I interviewed two stellar New York real estate agents and they spoke to me about what buyers can do to really set themselves apart from the pack.  You can hear the interview in the link below.  What you will hear them speak about includes:

What does that mean that buyers need to be more prepared?

How can a buyer prepare?

_____ kills deals

The importance of engaging in a “_________ negotiation”

It is possible to experience gazumping – and you don’t want to!

Importance of having the right team in place


You can listen in to the call with Leonard Gottlieb and Lori Winick if you missed it by clicking “play” below:

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